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Updating an app, however, would mean having to reboot the phone, which took about two minutes. The big screen was of course wonderful, particularly for web browsing.

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Nevertheless, I quickly came to regret my purchase of the Curve. Processing speeds were lousy; the buttons for music playback spongy, and the buttons, especially those below the display, were hard to use.

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That's why after a lowly three months, my BlackBerry Curve chapter came to a close. A more expensive BlackBerry was needed. In retrospect, the Curve chapter appears strange; after all, BlackBerry is today considered a failure. But it was certainly not all bad and some features could certainly compete with the iPhone. Every Thursday night we publish articles for ThrowbackThursday. In this series, we look back at feature phones, smartphones and other gadgets that have been with us the longest.


Last week, the Samsung Galaxy Tab had its moment. What will come next week? I went through four Blackberries, beginning with an that I inherited from a friend and ending with a Z10 that now sits on my shelf next to a Curve. Honestly, I still like the feel of the Curve. It's chunky, but doesn't feel big or too heavy, and was easy to hold whether typing with one or two hands.

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The Z10 was great for that, but my all-metal HTC? Not so much. Blackberry's story morale in a few words - Embrace the change or die. BlackBerry teaches all other tech companies a great lesson - being great and unbeaten today does not mean that you will remain so tomorrow.

Similar to Kodak who had the digital technology in-house well ahead of others but missed the train of digital photography and demised, Blackberry made wrong strategic business choices by following a safer path rather than fully leaning on self-disruption. Finally the original iPhone was a giant.

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Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. The Blackberry Curve Blackberry Curve First buy cheap… A new platform is always a gamble, so I opted for the safest option: BlackBerry's physical keyboard was a milestone in smartphone technology. And then buy more expensive Nevertheless, I quickly came to regret my purchase of the Curve. Write new comment:. All changes will be saved. No drafts are saved when editing.

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  • Submit Cancel. If only it supported broadband, too But alas, the Curve's data transfer rates top out at 2.

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    Pricing information is not yet available: I spent a few days with a production-level Curve equipped with late preproduction software and was generally impressed. The device certainly makes a terrific first impression: Small 4. It rested comfortably in my hand when I used it as a phone, and voice quality on calls was fine though not as great as I might have hoped in view of RIM's touting of its noise-cancellation technology, intended to improve audio quality in noisy environments.

    We haven't yet lab-tested the Curve's talk-time battery life; check back later for a full assessment of this feature. The Curve really shines as a mail and data device.

    Blackberry Curve 8520: First buy cheap…

    Its bypixel screen is gorgeous--gone are the bad old days of muddy BlackBerry color displays. I also liked the small, marblelike trackball; its fluid movement substantially improves on the jog-wheel approach of yore.

    How To Set Blackberry Curve 8520 Screen Lock Button, Camera Key Button & Voice Dialing Button

    The trackball was particularly useful for skimming through Web pages on the embedded browser. But sometimes the trackball's fluidity moved the cursor more quickly than I anticipated it would--so I did a lot of backtracking through data entry fields. Setup took only a few seconds, and thereafter new mail appeared quickly in a neatly organized inbox list. Though RIM's multimedia credentials are less well established, the Curve is poised to remedy that with its improved media player, which was intuitive and easy to use, and its new BlackBerry Desktop Media Manager software, which facilitates transferring and organizing music, audio, and video files and which supports basic multimedia functions such as image editing and CD ripping.

    It's no substitute for dedicated music, video, and image-editing software, but for some users it will suffice.