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The Phantom Pain hit shops in Not only that, but Metal Gear Survive appears to have been made rather hastily from components of that aforementioned masterpiece.

Not quite Metal Gear Solid mobile, but still...

What's more, it's nothing like the Metal Gear Solid games we know and love. Instead of a single player military stealth adventure, Metal Gear Survive is a multiplayer-focused survival game with zombies in it. There aren't any official Metal Gear Solid games available on mobile any more, but these games arguably have more in common with Metal Gear than Metal Gear Survive does. Deus Ex: The Fall mixes slick third person stealth with tense first person shooting in true Metal Gear Solid style.

Squint a little and you could be playing a future Solid Snake, skulking through a high-tech dystopia taking out baddies with a silenced pistol shot to the head. The Fall offers you multiple approaches to its various scenarios, while the game's histrionic conspiracy-driven story should also please MGS fans.

MGSV: Phantom Pain - Companion App (iPad Version) Metal Gear Solid 5

A big-budget console series starring a super-capable, super-stealthy assassin? That sounds familiar. Of course, the Assassin's Creed series tends to be set in the past, but it's just as crazy as Hideo Kojima's series in its own way.

Metal Gear Solid touches iPhone, iPod

Plugging into the memories of your ancient ancestors, anyone? Assassin's Creed Identity offers a surprisingly credible approximation of the console AC experience, offering a tense third-person sneak-a-thon that Solid Snake would surely approve of. Hacking the cameras in a secure facility to help a prisoner escape sounds like the sort of inventive scenario you'd find in a Metal Gear Solid game. If you need to zoom in on a distant enemy, pinch the screen like you are manipulating a photo. Snake automatically goes into sniper mode.

Again, tap the screen to fire. However, inside sniper mode, you are vulnerable to enemy fire, even if you are not moving the scope.

Metal Gear Solid Touch

Enemies do not fire as soon as they pop out, giving you a moment or two to aim. Look for a circle around the enemy to fill as he prepares to unload. When the circle is yellow, you better hurry and pick him off. When that circle flashes red, take your finger off the screen to initiate the ducking move.

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There are occasional friendlies you need to avoid hitting, although it is often hard to distinguish them from your foes. Watch their circles.

6 Games Like Metal Gear Solid for iOS – Top Best Alternatives

If it starts to turn green, hold your fire. Shooting a friendly costs you health. You encounter boss battles, but the mechanics sadly do not change. You simply have to shoot faster and more frequent.

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Health is replenished by shooting little yellow duckies that appear on various perches around the stage. Sometimes they are in the distance, requiring you to risk getting shot by employing the sniper rifle. Small frogs appear from time to time, too.

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  • These mobile games feel more like Metal Gear than Metal Gear Survive!

Shooting these frogs rewards you with an RPG launcher that is effective at bringing down choppers and Gekkos. What undermines MGST is how plainly shallow it is. This is a Metal Gear game in name only.