Iphone 5 light up apple logo

The mod kit

Using the pentalobe screwdriver from the iPhone light kit, remove the two screws at the bottom of the phone. You can find these screws near the charging port of the phone.

Take the suction cup from the iPhone light kit. Place it on the phone screen. Please keep in mind that the suction cup must be used gently. It is not meant to take out the entire screen.

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  • Learn How to Light Up the Apple Logo on Your iPhone?
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It just needs to separate the part with the screen from the phone. The pry tool is also from the iPhone light kit. You can use the suction cup and the pry tool to slowly separate the iPhone screen from the casing.

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This does not totally separate the screen from the phone, though. It will still be connected to the motherboard. If you want to totally detach the screen from the phone while you perform this hack, find out how from The Unlockr. Once you have the iPhone open, you may take out the screws that are holding the metal plate in place. You have to be gentle because the battery is actually glued in place.

Use the pry tool to get it loose from the two black tabs. Once the battery is out, you will see a shiny, metallic material that is in the area of the Apple logo. Remove the two pieces of tape that is keeping it in place. Set aside the two pieces of tape.

Here’s How To Make Your iPhone’s Apple Logo Light Up Just Like A MacBook

You will use them again. You cannot miss the Apple logo. Just set aside this metallic circle. You never know when you might need it again. When the logo area is free and clear, you can then take the LED light from the iPhone light kit and put in the original position of the metallic material that you peeled. It should cover the Apple logo-shaped space. Make sure that you place it in there snugly. It has to be tight. Remember the two pieces of tape you removed? See No. At this point Cogen instructs: Slide the top of the LED under the metal plate that is located on the back of the iPhone screen.

Make sure that the LED fits snugly against the earpiece. It should completely cover the metal conductor. You should be able to see the conductor through the LED connector. Place them on top of each other. In effect, you are like creating one thicker sponge.

Make sure it completely covers the connector. Take one of the pieces of electrical tape included in the iPhone light kit. Place it over the back of the sponges. Make sure you tape one side to the back of the screen and the other to the raised metal part of the earpiece section.

Wholesale Iphone Apple Logo Light

At this point, you are almost done with the iPhone light kit hack. You can begin putting it back together. Take the battery and start to put it back into the iPhone. However, you must not connect the cables right away. Use a piece of electrical tape from the iPhone light kit to cover the light cable. Did you manage to remove the glue strips correctly or did you have to pry it the battery and also try disconnecting the light kit and tell me if the problem persists with it it connected.

Hi is it possible to run the iPhone Light Up in standalone mode with a battery?

How to Make the Apple Logo on Your iPhone Light Up Like a Macbook (iPhone 7 & 7 Plus) (Video)

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