Applications of laser in industry

Lasers are used in the initial and final stages of production. They are commonly used for marking, engraving, cutting, drilling, welding Today, the laser has not longer considered just for an advanced technology only, but also as a tool that helps to do the job faster and with better quality.

Whenever there is marking production task, is an elegant and effective solution use of laser. Laser with high precision creates on material surface mechanically resistant, very contrast and inimitable marking. Everything is done in one short operation without chemical additives and ink or mechanical interventions to material structure. A suitable laser type Nd: YAG, Fibre, Nd: YVO 4 or CO 2 can mark practically any metal and nonmetal material. In triangulation , a distant object is sighted from one location and then re-sighted from a nearby location a known distance D away from the first location see the figure below.

Then, using trigonometry and knowing the distance D and the angle between the two sightings, the distance to the object can be calculated. In the time-of-flight measurement, a pulsed laser is reflected from the object and the round trip time determined.

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Using this method, aerial mapping of topography can be done covering several hundred square miles per day. If done on land with many people, such a mapping might take a year or more. Another interesting application is used in monitoring geological motions on the earth using the LAGEOS satellite, in a stationary orbit over the earth.

This satellite is named the LAser GEOdynamic Satellite and consists of retroflectors optical devices that reflect any incident beam directly back on itself no matter what the incident angle. Two detection stations on the earth can beam pulses of laser light up the LAGEOS and by monitoring the time-of-flight measurements, the relative positions of the two stations can be very precisely determined. When used across a fault line, for example, with two stations that might be 1 - 10 km distant, the separation distance can be monitored to better than 1 part in a million and so distance changes of 0.

15 Uses for Lasers

Inspections of manufactured goods can be done by examining laser light reflected from the surfaces of goods on an assembly line. Examples include cloth and lumber inspections at rates up to several meters per second. Another example is the inspection of "solder" joints - welded micro-joints - made in the microelectronics industry.


It turns out that solder joints have a thermal signature in the infrared that indicates the difference between a good and bad non-conductive connection. This is a very important reliability check used by the microelectronics industry to insure high quality electronic components. A final application of this type is the supermarket scanner , using a holographic method discussed earlier to read the UPC bar code labels on goods sold. This system uses 10 lines with the first 5 coded for the manufacturer and the other 5 for the type of item.

The scanned information is used to generate pricing and inventory records.


Application Of Laser In Industry - OR Laser

Take a closer look the next time you go to the supermarket and notice the bright red laser beam from the scanner. As a final example let's consider the laser gyroscope , used in the aerospace industry to detect stability and rotational motion of planes, rockets, and satellites. The gyroscope consists of a ring laser shown schematically below with counter-propagating beams clockwise and counter-clockwise that leak out of the laser and are made to interfere.

If the laser is motionless, then the two beams will produce an interference pattern when they overlap. If the ring laser is made to rotate either clockwise or counter-clockwise, then the two beams have their frequencies shifted slightly up and down due to the opposite Doppler shifts of the two beams, and the fringe pattern will change. Paint Stripping. Laser Deposition of Thin Films.

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