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The iPhone 8 case is also great for the iPhone 7. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have identical dimensions to the 8-series phones, so the Silk Base Grip is also the best choice to protect your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

We also have picks for other types of cases, including leather cases, waterproof options, and more in our full review of the best iPhone 7 cases. Great at protecting from minor drops without adding a lot of bulk. The same slim, protective, and affordable design but for larger iPhones. The iPhone 6, 6s, and their Plus-sized counterparts have slightly different dimensions and port arrangements than the 7 and 8, so they require a different case. The Incipio offers full-body protection from drops and scuffs while adding minimal bulk.

We also have picks for other types of cases, including leather cases, waterproof options, and more in our full review of the best iPhone 6 cases. A simple-looking case that offers protection from the elements without adding too much bulk. Apple discontinued the iPhone SE in fall , and many of the cases that we previously recommended have since been discontinued, too. Sign up for our weekly newsletter Be the first to know about our latest recommendations every Sunday. Silk Base Grip The best iPhone 7 case: Silk Kung Fu Grip Photo: Michael Hession Our pick.

Our pick. Nick Guy Our pick. This is why the iPhone 6 series needs a case. The Incipio NGP case provides some grip, without being too grippy. The Apple silicone case is very grippy, but it's difficult to get in and out of your pocket, and it can collect lint. The Incipio doesn't have this issue. If there's a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being slippery as the iPhone 6 and 10 being so grippy it can't be puled out of your pants, 5 would be the perfect texture.

The Incipio NGP material would be a 2 or a 3 on that scale.

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It's slightly more slick than I'd like it, and I've fumbled it once or twice while my hands were excessively dry, but otherwise provides good grip. The buttons are very easy to press, perhaps more than any other case I've used. The NGP material is thinner around the borders of the buttons, making it easy to depress each button.

It maintains the firm clicky feeling of the iPhone 6s buttons, and they're easy to find with your hands. For the most part, it feels as though you're pressing the buttons directly. If there's one issue with the feel of this phone it's the roughness of the cutouts on the bottom of the case.

The iPhone 6 especially the plus is large, and more people are placing their pinkies beneath their phones while they hold it to support it. The reason I had to buy a new case was my Loop case had become so cracked and broken that it was cutting into my pinky. So now, I have a tender spot on my pinky, and it's finding the edges of the cutouts on this case a little rough. Will that be a problem once the skin has healed on my pinky, or will it cause more issues for me in the future?

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Only many weeks of testing could tell I'll update this review if I have any issues, as I do with all of my reviews. A final note on the feel of the case: That means you can take the case off and put it back on easily. This is perfect for using the case with a dock as the port cutouts block some docks as well as storing a thin card behind the case.

I can still carry my subway Metro Card in my phone case, although it is harder to get to than it was on my loop case. Still, even with that added difficulty, I can still get through the turnstile quite quickly, and certainly faster than any tourist those things are tricky.


It's supposed to be good at absorbing shock, but it feels too slim to be great at this. Still, despite this, it does feel as though it'll protect against short drops. The case also has an extremely slim lip. The lip just comes up along the screen far enough to allow the phone to be placed face-down on a table without the glass of the screen touching the surface of the table.

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The small lip means there's plenty of space for using your phone. Tapping the edge of your screen is easy, and that's useful on the iPhone 6s, which uses Force Touch on the edge of the screen to activate multitasking.

The Incipio NGP case is a great all-around case. It's designed by a company that has been making fantastic smartphone cases for years, and they know how to engineer a perfect case. My favorite case for my iPhone 4 was the Incipio NGP case made for that model, in the same color as my new case.

History repeats itself, I suppose. The NGP case is one of Incipio's plainest cases, but it does come in a wide variety of colors. So it can't hold credit cards, doesn't have carved wood, an Apple logo, or silicone bands for money and credit cards, it's still a fantastic basic case.

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It looks good, can protect your phone decently, and it's grippy. It's a fantastic all-around case, a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

Incipio iPhone 5 STASHBACK, STOWAWAY & NGP Case Review

It can be a little boring, but it's an effective case.