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It has everything the iPad 2 had, and a lot more. In the iPad family, only iPad mini and iPad 4 iPad with Retina display have Siri, with which you can use your voice to send messages, set reminders, and more.


Apple iPad 3 vs Apple iPad 4 - Phone specs comparison

Both of iPad 2 and iPad 3 new iPad have a pin Connector. Storage capacities remain the same as well, as do black and white color options. If you know you want a top of the line iPad, with the latest and greatest features and every bit of cool technology Apple has to offer, then get the iPad 4. And iPad 2 owners may miss Siri, but it is hard to say it alone is worth the increase in price.

As the iPad Mini using the same central processor as the iPad 2, we know Apple believes the iPad 2 is plenty fast enough for most purposes. In fact, the iPad Mini ensures that developers will continue to support the same screen resolution and processing speeds for quite some time. The best buy right now may be the iPad 3. Both the iPad 3 and the iPad 4 come with Apple's Retina display. They both have a pixel density of ppi pixels per inch.

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Not too shabby, but it's actually outdone by the iPhone 5, which is ppi. We think if Apple can make a 4-inch screen than dense, then an iPad mini 2 with Retina should be a given.

Apple might not have upgraded the screen, but it did upgrade the front-facing camera. The iPad 3 came with a 0.


The iPad 4 comes with a battery that lasts up to 10 hours, but so does the iPad 3. Don't think that this is a bad thing though, we noted in our iPad 3 review that despite the high-resolution retina display, the battery life was "more than acceptable. Apple's latest operating system, iOS 6 , was recently launched alongside the iPhone 5, so unsurprisingly it's also featured on the iPad 4.

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iPad 2 VS iPad 3 VS iPad 4

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    iPad 3 vs iPad 4: Screen

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