Iphone 1 dollar canada scam

I did. I thought this should be my lucky day! I decided to press on and check how lucky I am. After clicking on one of the blue tabs above, I was asked two more questions about my experience on Google.

I answered them with an uncontrolled excitement of grabbing an iPhone, and landed here:. So, without wasting a second, I clicked on Claim Now and reached here:. I filled up the form and clicked on Next.

This took me to the billing page. And this is where I stopped and closed the window. Because I knew better and asked myself these basic questions before falling for this shoddy trick:. Was I part of a genuine contest ran by the device manufacturer or any trusted organization? What would have happened if I had given my credit card details here? International online transactions, however, are not OTP protected. So, if this whole thing is a scam which definitely looks like it is and if I had given my credit card information card no.

Ask yourselves the same questions I asked. Doing so might install a malware on your computer or take you to an infected page. Pause and think before you click. Stay safe! January 13, Scam Alert: Classic lies you should not let a cyber criminal use on you April 15, They requested to send Rs. They asked the No. But two times they recovered Rs. Now only I could understand that this is a fraud party. Now I have given instructions to the bank about this fraud company.

I am a retired School Teacher of 77 yrs. Really I am very sad on this cheat. All of you take care. So, i was saved. I was trying to win iphone x through some link which i got in my whatsapp, They Amazon directed me to these fraud sites:. Thanks for the info…I almost fell into victim o. I just gave them a wrong card number and pin, so they said it is invalid. I am also a part of this scam….. I cancelled my debit card.

Any possibility to do beside cancelled card. Im afraid they will charged or they already getting my information. The scam url https: How to unsubscribe it.. Dear Cloudflare inc. We want to thank you for being a loyal Cloudflare inc. SG user!

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Your IP address Thank you very much. I have already cancelled my credit card. Next time, I have to be more careful than this. Anyway, thank you. I just gave the form details and not the credit card.


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Please reply. Am I in any form of danger? Sir please help me out if there is any way to come out like I have given my account details alraedy and came here after doing that. Howeever I have emptied my account money but the details are with them so how ll I use my card in future. I was almost scamed! Hey guys its real or fake tel me. Hi thanks for the information. The new scam website with this https: I was a victim yesterday, please what do I do to get out of this? Unfortunately, I did not received any E-mail for subscription confirmation from anybody as regards that. Also, my account has not been debited, maybe because I do not have enough in my account.

Guys, please help me out Am a victim of the scam. So i get the same massege and iam thinking to get google on court….. No dont put google to court. They arent able to controll this. However, Amazon, Cloudflare and Radiuniverse all probable know about this. I can assure you they know about. Am in South Africa 7 days ago fell for the scam too, they initially charged R3. Stopped card at once via call to bank then went to get new card at the bank.

Traced traced it back to a University in Netherlands Lat: As i was browsing the many scammed people from these guys a refund from the initial charge of R3. Gonna follow this up till all is returned. Clearly all the complains fell on deaf ears if they still at it mid June ……. I have not subscribed it. I gave my bank detaila like atm card number which is engraved in it and the security code at the back of the card and they sent me a password to log in or register for monthly subscription but I did not do it.

So nothin will happen tho? I mean did I too fall in the scam or not?

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I fill up the information.. Thank you! I was just about to… But then I thought i should google it first and your article came, and it was the same exact fraudulent website…. As others I got sucked into this scam! I should have listened to the little voice inside that says nothing in life is free no matter how good it sounds.

When I came to the screen that said free trial AFTER entering my card info I immediately canceled the membership to which a screen came up saying account cancelled then I hit OK and another screen came up saying there was a problem and to contact support at the number listed. This is bogus too cause when I called it all it was was supported msg rattling off free offers I qualified for. I immediately called my bank and cancelled my debit card.. If I happen to fall victim to another scam I will research any future companies before proceeding.

I got scammed too recently by this Brazilian beggar company working in hands with radiuniverse and backhander. For all of you who have been scammed by this cheapskate sick minded websites please block your card since it is the only option and the best. I figured it was a scam when they asked for my credit card. I was on tube when three offer came.

It seems difficult to follow the above comment time lines. Apparently they are still at it and nothing has been done to stop them. If they almost got me scammed I can imagine the havoc they are causing. Is there nothing short of a court case that could stop them ripping people off? Gonna follow this up till all is returned….. Clearly all the complaints fell on deaf ears if the still at it mid June Yo, what about his one, are they a scam? Yes, it is absolutely a scam. Best rule of thumb: If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Why are people so dumb? Who will give an iPhone x for just 1 dollar? Use your brains people!!!

Just received the same scam involving radiuniverse. Here are the links:. Never signed up for a phone so how are they in my bank.. My name is Marie. I too came across strange charges to credit card. How they got this information is beyond me. How do you get this money back. Probably never.

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Not impressed. I am also scammed how to unsubscribe i manage to stop my credit card but scared because i used my personal details name surname and email what will happen to them? Hii I am ganesh I had unsubscide this rediuniverse from my mail and deactivate my account.

What type of tips would you like? Business Residential. Click to view full size. Ranpariya Gautam Posted at Amr zohair Posted at GJ Posted at Ibeyon Louis Posted at Nauman Posted at Glory Posted at They also asked me to fill a dispute form at bank to get refund of the money, Then I went to bank, to get a new card and filled the dispute form. Jasmine ricks Posted at Hareesh Posted at Anne Green Posted at Orpe kunal Posted at I did the same. Please tell me please. Kamal ke chacha Posted at Shirish Kumar H Posted at Susan Hammer Posted at Marlon Posted at Bella Posted at Tysm for the warning.

Ivana Misic Posted at But i have no money on this card. Only 5 dollars. Tran Quoc Phung Posted at Jeff Martin Posted at Luckily I researched before paying. Aahaan Posted at BOO Posted at Mai Posted at Cristina Posted at Rankush Posted at Ayy Lmao Posted at Yoyo Posted at April D Posted at Temtech Posted at Diannah Posted at Adeoye Ridwan Posted at Kunal orpe Posted at Stacy Posted at Sukumar Posted at Bharath Chowdary Posted at Abinash Posted at Bhaskar Posted at Muhammad Posted at Thu Huong Khuong Posted at Rismal mansoor Posted at Ain Posted at Gina carrigan Posted at Aaron Posted at Celina Posted at Latoya Posted at Angelita Garces Posted at Dinithi Gunawardena Posted at How dare they?

Lieutenant G. C Posted at This guys need to go down. They are scamming many. Monica Milburn Posted at Where do we start? John Fleming Posted at It is hosted by Amazon Web Services. Prescilla Posted at Bertha atamuno Posted at Virendra kumar Posted at Manali Mhase Posted at For the information.

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Dibyaranjan Mahunta Posted at Brijesh Makwana Posted at Mahima Posted at Mudit Thakre Posted at Alexandra Velikaya Posted at Dhiraj Kumar Posted at Hymavathi Mula Posted at Did you charge for it? Roger Gilbert Posted at Next, ask the bank to recover any payments made to strange withdrawals from your account If your bank is in any way obliging you should be able to recover what you have lost.

Brenda Melady Posted at Inese Posted at What do I need to do to get my money back? When you sent an email asking to cancel your subscription did they cancel it? Ahmad Nabkia Posted at Ahmad nabkia Posted at Chitra Posted at Naresh Posted at Lavisha puri Posted at After you sent them the mail of terminating your subscription? And did they really cancel the subscription?

Nithin anchan Posted at Vamshi allanki Posted at Somya Matta Posted at Thank you.

This Facebook free iPhone X scam could land YOU in a world of pain

Ganesh Reddy Posted at Un cordial saludo Equipo de soporte de radiuniverse. Linda Taueu Posted at Kartik Posted at Gixon T Jose Posted at Amit Kalkot Posted at Sumitro borah Posted at Ruchi Chopra Posted at Thank god I googled the website name first. Stacy maclean Posted at Anthony Burford Posted at Rafeeudheen Malayil Posted at Dorong jak Posted at Ramesh kumar Posted at Manoranjan panda Posted at Shiva Posted at Or money will keep getting debited?

How can we address this? Channelle Rickard Posted at I ended up blocking my Westpac Visa Debit Card with my bank. I still have had no reply.