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Plug the microphone into the AUX headphone port and it should pickup automatically, like the earbuds have a microphone in them for example. Other recording apps also only work with internal mic. Well, I wish someone would come out with the tips and tricks for voice recorder.

iPhone X: How to Screen Record & Enable Audio Microphone : Record Gameplay, Videos, etc

Because if your settings are off like with screen shut off it seems to sometimes halt the recording or pause it. Like for a real world setting I want to record an interview. But when you are doing life things you want to use your hands and just put the thing in your pocket and record and then shut it off when your done with the tutorial.

Like if someone was teaching me how to do something but I wanted the recorded audio of the steps. If the phone shuts off because of a timer or a notification does anyone have any experience in getting around that? Some hints for real dummies who want to record something but like me do not know how to download this wonderful voice memos app or what their I-tunes password might be: Now I wish I could remember what it was that I wanted to record. Thanks Margin. Much appreciated! Having used Voice Memos to record both a conversation and also some live music, I think the quality is appalling like telephone call quality.

Do you know, is this a limitation of the built in microphone, or is it the Voice Memos app stripping out any low and high frequencies to compress the file size smaller? This saved my skin. I had a homework assignment that needed to be submitted orally and I could not find a way to do it. Thank you!

How to Record Voice & Audio on iPhone with Voice Memos

I use voice memo. I was found 1st and 2nd part that recorded well. Thanks for taking the time for making this tutorial, really appreciated.

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I always capture audio with a web-based software calls Acethinker Audio Recorder, It is a free online tool that lets you record audio right from the browser. Share it here as an alternative method.

I have the same question as Cindy — how long can it record? I also want to record what the doctor tells me afterwards. Would the iPhone going to sleep after a period of unuse display off, locked mode cause the audio recording to stop?

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  • I think with even a modest amount of compression or even no compression , there should be plenty of room on the phone for 2 hours of audio. When recording something on voice memo, how to pause a recording, and come back in a few seconds, without STOPPING it and having to record again, and again? I record much off my desktop computer on sales, etc.

    This afternoon I had accidentally deleted a recorded voice in the voice recorder apps. Can please show me anyway to retrieve back that files? I have voice memo app without any previous saved items. I tried cloud back up and iTunes back ups.. Is there a maximum recording time for voice memo?

    Is there enough recording time? I believe the recording time is limited by storage capacity on the device and not by time limits, but I am not sure that anyone has tested that concretely. I have certainly recorded long voice memos many times before though. I tried to Revord voice memo with mini columned and height also. But recording voice volume is very little. Any setting issue with my iPhone X? Does anyone know how long a recording can be with this app?

    I need to collect a language sample for a school project and would likely need to voice record for about an hour. Can I record that long with this app? Ive done a recording it was nr 43 on the voice memo yesterday, and it is not with the deleted files, butwhen I went to listen today there was no I would like to if it is possible to retrieve it. Name required.

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    IPhone 5 For Dummies, 6th Edition

    Enter your email address below: Posted by: May 4, at Joe says: May 4, at 1: November 8, at 7: JGG says: While not technically increasing your potential recording time, you can keep your iPhone's flash memory as free as possible by choosing to upload or store recordings on a remote space. Apps such as SoundCloud or Cloud Audio Recorder still depend on free flash memory while recording, but allow you to store the results on their servers.

    Lack of Voice Memos app in iOS 7 beta could leave space for third-party alternatives

    Similarly, manually transferring your saved audio file to a desktop or laptop computer or external storage device via iTunes or a third-party file manager app such as Air Sharing once you have finished recording them will give you the maximum amount of free space for future recordings.

    James Lee Phillips has been a writer since , specializing in technology and intellectual property issues. Search Glass x. Audio Format The length of recording time depends largely on the output file format used by your recording app. Cloud Recording While not technically increasing your potential recording time, you can keep your iPhone's flash memory as free as possible by choosing to upload or store recordings on a remote space. Video of the Day.

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    Brought to you by Techwalla. References Apple: Voice memo app wont record for longer then 30 minutes Ars Technica: The only reason it would not last the hour would be if you didn't have room on the device to store the audio file. My suggestion: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Is the iOS Voice Memos built-in app appropriate for recording an hour-long interview?

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    How Long Can the iPhone Record Audio?

    I have been sufficiently impressed with the sound quality of the voice memos app on my iPhone. Bearing this in mind before you conduct an interview make sure you have enough memory to last. For a one hour recording you will need about mb of free disc space.